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Welcome to The portal of finest CCTV Cameras and MATV suppliers in Sri Lanka.

Today's world has become a global village, where events and incidents that are happening beyond seven seas, can be known and witnessed within an instant in our own living room. Communication and technology has become so advance that we have forgotten how enormous our beautiful world is. One of the technological advancements that bring us closer with the neighbouring countries, regions and continents, is the well known motion picture box Television, and as we are one of the prime players in the field of supplying modern and high quality TV Antennas, CCTV cameras, Boosters and Splitters; we provide 3600 solutions for highest quality and crystal clarity for TV Receiving. MASPRO LANKA is a fully subsidiary of MASPRO DENKOH Corporation, Japan and we are one of the top brands in the whole world. Utilizing various technologies over 50 years of existence, we have broaden our selves in providing MATV solutions (Master Antenna Television) while earning the global recognition as one of the pioneer MATV suppliers in the world. Becoming one of the best CCTV cameras and MATV Suppliers is not an easy task; it takes great patience, great technical know-how and a close customer relationship to be able to spell out customer needs and wants by the means of high end technological solutions. That's why we have prioritized your safety by developing CCTV cameras and pamper your convenience by being one of the technically correct MATV suppliers in the world. We have achieved great heights of brand recognition, and we venture forward to provide an ethically enhanced living standard, experimenting technology in an earth friendly manner.